We’re starting July off with a bang…Come join us in promoting the new Forex Prodigy System which is paying up to $15 per first time trader leads. We also have some great mini prizes for the the contest as well as some random flash contests held throughout the day. Make sure you register immediately, you’re not going to want to miss out on this high commission opportunity:

July Forex Affiliate Contest Registration

Here are some of the pertinent details for the launch which starts on July 8:

Forex Prodigy

$15.00 Per Lead 
United Kingdom, United States, Us Minor Outlying Islands, Canada, Australia, Belgium, New Zealand, South Africa, Sweden, United Arab Emirates *Unique First Time Attendees. 
$5.00 Per Lead 
United Kingdom, United States, Us Minor Outlying Islands, Canada, Australia, Belgium, New Zealand, South Africa, Sweden, United Arab Emirates *Repeat Attendees 
$2.00 Per Lead 
All other countries not listed above, Any webinar Attendee.

$2000.00 – 1st Prize 
$1000.00 – 2nd Prize 
$500.00 – 3rd Prize 
$250.00 – 4th Prize 
$250.00 – 5th Prize 
Prizes will be awarded to the affiliates with the most conversions from the geo-targeted regions.

You can see the LIVE leaderboard after registration. 

Swipes and Links: 
You can get your swipes and links by logging into the Affiliates Area after logging in, locate the “Forex Prodigy” Offer and go to town!

June Payout Dates: 
July 16th (for all leads produced form July 1 – July 15th) 
August  2nd (for all leads produced from July 15th – July 30th)

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Are you still buying Forex PLR content from non-traders? Stop it. We offer top-notch trading content crafted first hand from a former Wall Street publishing Research Analyst. This month we are offering a 5-pack of Forex articles for the low cost of $17. Below is a sample of some of our prior work:

binary options plr

For more details on how to purchase the 5-pack of forex articles for $17 simply click on the link below:

Forex PLR Articles

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Today we are joined by Timothy Solomon, Head Affiliate Manager at VIP Affiliates, the leading affiliate network in the binary options trading industry. In this interview Tim shares his thoughts on the state of binary options and what exactly separates the best trading affiliates from the rest. Enjoy!

Can you share with us your background and how you got started within the affiliate marketing space?

VIPAffiliatesTS: While I am not technically an affiliate manager per-say as the realm of my responsibilities extends far past affiliate management. But I was recruited to run VIP Affiliates after managing a Binary Options brand. It was because of the intimate knowledge of sales for binary options that would allow me to best assist affiliates in effective promotion of this relatively new vertical. By knowing what can generate the best leads and traffic I can best assist both experienced and new affiliates alike in being successful promoters of this vertical and help ensure they see the best earnings possible.

How valuable do you believe trading knowledge is in performing as an affiliate marketer?

TS: It is very important to have knowledge of the vertical, how its works, different trading strategies and deep knowledge of what is going on in the background. Something that sadly most people in this business lack and make them tantamount to being a glorified customer service rep.

Part of the reason VIP Affiliates has been so successful and so quickly is because my team an myself extend out knowledge base beyond customer service and strive to provide the insider information that helps affiliates become much more successful and provide much higher quality of traffic than the would normally.

Can you share some resources affiliates may find helpful in promoting trading related products?

TS: The best resources that you can find to get start in the financial trading vertical is looking at what other have done before you. Do simple google search for “Binary Options” look at the top sites and the paid sites too. See what they did and make it your own. Do NOT copy them but see how they are targeting people. The beautiful thing about the internet is you can be whom every you want to be; say you are a trading guru, experience stock broker, whatever, it doesn’t matter, but that social proofing will help your conversion rates infinitly.

Another important thing is… (full answer revealed in the Inner Circle)

What do you think separates the most successful trading affiliates from the rest?

TS: The best affiliates understand that affiliate marketing is a full time job. If you want to be making 10k a month you can’t put just an hour into a website a week. You need to constantly be optimizing, learning whats going on in the industry, expanding your content and in some cases providing support for your potential customers.

Most people want to make money quick, they don’t want to work for it. The sad truth is there is no such thing as easy money. Effective affiliate marketing requires and investment of thought, time and in most cases money; just like any other entrepreneurial venture. If you are looking to “Make money online” than you will not be a successful affiliate. If you want to make a quick buck, than you will not be a successful affiliate. If think that someone is going to give you all the answers or tell you some secret to make $120,000 a year, than you guessed it, you will not be a successful affiliate.

But if you are willing to do the research yourself, use your own common sense and ingenuity, be inventive and make the commitment than you WILL be successful; it is just a matter of time.

And on that note anybody offering to sell you the secret to affiliate marketing, or some list of leads, or anything is taking advantage of you. There is no easy route to success, if there was than everybody would be.

What do you see as the big opportunities and/or challenges for the industry in the near future?

TS: The biggest challenges for the industry (from the affiliate’s side) is targeting an over saturated market. Most people target the Binary Options related key words… but this is dumb. True if you target people already looking for your product than you will have good conversion but its a very VERY small market. Binary Options has very few search but some of the highest PPC costs. that is because no one is willing to think outside the box. When you are watching the SuperBowl they don’t just advertise sports and the NFL, no, they advertise beer and cars and junk food, because people that like sports like to drink, eat crappy food and new cars. Its no accident that they do that.

Affiliate marketing is not different. Yes it is good if people already know about and want your product but its is just as good to grow the audience of people looking for it and tap new markets. Golf, boating, yachting, any many more; these are the people interested in investing and trading financial assets and these are the people you should be targeting… or go the other way and target people interested in gambling. But soliciting the same people over and over again will never grow the industry and will artificially inflate the competition…

What resources and traffic strategies are your best affiliates using to drive traffic and generate sales?

TS: This is an Inner Circle exclusive, sign up for our Inner Circle email list by providing your name and best email address in the sign up box.

You can work with Tim personally by signing up as a VIP Affiliates Affiliate Here.


*** To access the complete interview with Timothy Solomon where he reveals the resources and strategies the best binary affiliates are using to generate sales, as well as all the rest of the OTB Interview Series, make sure to join our mailing list by including your name in the sign ip box in the right column of the site! ***

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June Forex Affiliate Contest Paying $15 For Each Forex Lead!

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